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Chicago, Illinois

We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated Manager committed to driving its core business through data science. For this role, we’re looking for an individual to lead the Operations group of the Product team, which is focused on finding optimal solutions to complex business ops problems such as labor/scheduling, inventory management and pricing, then building tools that leverage those solutions to help operators.  The primary users of the tools are food service operators in a Sports and Entertainment context, e.g. ballpark concession stands.  The purpose of the Product team is to create robust self-serve solutions that can be scaled to hundreds or thousands of locations.

Technical and analytical training are important.  We are looking for strong skills with Python and familiarity with AWS cloud services.  Experience implementing forecasting and analysis methods (regression, classification, clustering) in a business environment are needed to get off the ground quickly.  However, we are looking for a person who can learn, adapt, problem-solve and communicate more than a person who has an on-paper fit for the requisite skills.  The ideal candidate is a person who is energized by solving difficult problems and has the maturity and patience to implement those solutions. This job will, in equal parts, require energy and diligence.  There will be many opportunities for someone who meets the role with success. 


  • Identify, address, and solve complex business problems
  • Build Machine Learning Algorithms to enable decision making in order to optimize customer experience/reduce cost/maximize profits
  • Write programs capable of carrying out complex processes in a fully automated fashion
  • Act independently to determine methods and procedures on new assignments
  • Manage junior team members on best practices, implementing complex algorithms, and tools to glean advanced insights
  • Manage junior team members (i.e. direct reports) in the areas of professional development, goal-setting and career-pathing
  • Manage the delivery/communication of important and sensitive business insights
  • Manage the consistent execution of technical processes (script execution, data gathering)
  • Collaborate with product stakeholders and leverage the experience/knowledge of non-technical staff to improve products


  • Real-world and technical problem solving
  • Python/R (Python strongly preferred)
  • Excel
  • Data wrangling
  • Project Management
  • Modeling such as regression, classification
  • Basic understanding of data security


  • Advanced machine learning techniques (gradient boosting, neural networks, NLP)
  • Tableau
  • Amazon cloud services
  • Application architecture development (CSS, Java, HTML)
  • Data gathering (APIs, SFTP, Scraping)
  • User Interface development


  • Knowledge of Sports and Entertainment business operations
  • Knowledge of food service operations

About E15

At E15, we are the spark that ignites. Our team delivers next-generation insights based on data, not hunches, to drive business in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, College Sports and beyond. E15 brings unmatched industry intelligence and cutting edge analytics to sports, entertainment, hospitality and retail industries to help companies make forward-looking decisions to benefit their business, fans and customers.


About Levy

Levy is the leader in Sports & Entertainment dining, catering at such renowned sports venues such as Wrigley Field in Chicago, STAPLES Center and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Ford Field in Detroit and Churchill Downs in Louisville. Levy also caters events including Super Bowls, World Series, NASCAR Racing, the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and the Grammy Awards.

E15/Levy is an equal opportunity employer. At E15/Levy, we are committed to treating all applicants and team members fairly based on their abilities, achievements and experience without regard to race, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other classification protected by law.